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Welcome to Criminal Prompts ♥.
This community is born with the aim to provide inspiration to the wonderful writers of the Criminal Minds fandom! One prompt will be posted the first day of every month, and will remain open until the following month.
All you brilliant writers out there have to do is be inspired and write! You are free to post your fic(s) to any journal or community you like. Then simply leave a comment to the prompt post with the infos & link to your fic: at the end of every month, a Fics Masterlist will be published with all your fabulous works listed!
Authors who complete a whole year of prompts will receive a badge to show off their accomplishment to everyone!

• This community is for the Criminal Minds fandom only.

• Any genre - het, gen, slash, - rating, pairing or single character study is accepted.

• English is going to be the official language. You are welcome to submit fics in other languages as well - just be aware that not everybody will be able to read them.

♥ You are encouraged to try and write long-ish fictions for this community! A great drabble community can be found @ cm_drabbles with a sparkling new prompt every week.

• You can write as many fics as you like, or series of fics, for any prompt.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT Post Your Fics to This Community!

Fics are usually x-posted to various great CM communities already - let's not spam the readers's friends page with yet another posting communiy.

Leave a Comment to the Prompt post with this information: Title of story; ; Rating ; Pairing.

At the end of the month, that prompt's Fics Masterlist will be published, with links to all your fabulous work!

• After a new prompt is posted, the previous is considered closed.

• Do not link to entries which are friends only or 'will be friends only in a month'. It is very rude.

• If you need to contact me, just leave a comment to this post. I will add questions & answers to the FAQ list in the userinfo page :)!

• More infos and a list of communities where to post your fics can be found in the userinfo page.

The first prompt will be posted Friday May 1st and will be open until Sunday May 31. Stay tuned!

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